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Moore Studio offers your family an opportunity to have beautiful contemporary family portraits with our classic quality and beautiful lighting.

Our Simple Traditions Limited-Edtion Family Portraits offer your family a lovely portrait with modern sensibility and traditional, artisan quality. We have updated the look of the family portrait to reflect the family you love.
Our posing is elegant and relaxed. Our set is minimalist and neutral. The look is yours. Like a good classic outfit, you can dress it up or make it more relaxed to fit your family. The style fits beautifully with both.
You will have a gorgeous family portrait without the hassel of a long session. Our Simple Traditions Limited-Edition Sessions can be completed in about twenty-five minutes of photography and about twenty minutes to place your order. In less than one hour’s time you are done!

Simple, Contemporary, Dressy Portraits



A few other tips to help the session run smoothly…

Relax! You may be stressed out and worried that your kids are going to cry, have no interest or pull out their stranger-danger faces. If you set the tone for your family, that this will be a fun, stress-free session, your kids will feel that vibe too.

Family Portraits with contemporary flair

Avoid patterns, plaids, and stripes. You will be much happier with your family portrait if there are solid colors and a simple pallete of colors. You aim is to have the wardrobe be secondary to the expressions. 

Finding the perfect outfit for your family session may take a little bit of work, but you probably have great pieces already in your closet that could work together!

Simple portraits of your most loved people.


Dollar Session Fee

Minute Session

Minute Order Planning

Win. Win.

Save Time.

Save Money.

Preserve This Season of Your Family.

Portraits are an investment. They capture the moments and energy of right now and preserve that unique dynamic of your family today. As the time passes, we have different dynamics and our family grows and our children pass through a new phase of life. 

The investment you make today will be all the more valuable as these days can’t be replaced.

Your Family Benefits

I don’t use the word investment to make something expensive sound better. I use the word investment in its most positive way. Something that you do now that holds increasing value for the future.

Still Have Questions?

Contact me to answer any other questions about your portrait session. We look forward to hearing from you.

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