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for over 100 years

Since our inception, Moore Studio has been the leading family photo studio in West Tennessee.

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The Masters Collection.

Hand-Painted Portraits for an Equisite Heirloom.

Our fastidious attention to detail creates a magnificent mixed media painting, with texture, brush strokes and oil painted details.

Business Branding Sessions

You are your brand: Your image is the face of your company. Shouldn’t your headshots, linked-in profile, and marketing materials be the very best possible? You work hard to maintain the reputation of your company; let us make a first impression for you that matches that excellence.

High School Seniors

Moore Studio has been making senior portraits for 100 years. We photograph seniors from all parts of West Tennessee. Our experience in the senior portrait market that is unrivaled in Jackson. Trust your senior portrait memories to the studio with the most experience in Jackson, Tennesse.

Children and Family Portraits

Moore Studio serves families by creating family portraits that reflect the unique dynamics of each relationship.

Your family at this point in time is special. Family changes as the seasons of your children change. Let us capture the energy of your family today.

Our Artisan Portrait Finishes

The Moore Studio has been producing printed family portraits and senior portraits over 100 years. In that time we have developed a deep understanding of the premier processes for developing your finished print. We finish our portraits with three distinct, artisan processes: The Masters Collection, The Legacy Collection, and the Heirloom Collection.

These finishes combine editing techniques and digital hand painting with applications to the physical printing mediums such as canvas and artistic photo rag paper. Once the print is made, we apply post-printing applications to the final print to add depth, texture, and protection to the printed portrait.

The Masters Collection

The Masters Collection is our signature line of hand-painted portraits. This process creates a unique, elegant painted portrait. This hand-finished painting starts with an elegant and simple selection of posing. In this portrait sitting, we are aiming primarily for one pose to be a center-piece painting for your home or office. 

After completing the portrait, we will go through a detailed planning session to make sure every element of the image is just right. We create a digitally hand-painted portrait from the photograph. In this process, we build the foundation for our painting. 

Next, our digital painting is printed on museum-quality archival canvas in a unique printing process known as Giclée (ghee-clay). 

Later, we brush over the entire canvas with acrylic brush strokes by hand. This process creates the depth and texture of a painted work. 

Finally, we apply oil paints by hand to the canvas. The result is an art work you will proudly cherish for a lifetime. 

The Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection pays homage to the Moore Studio’s decades long history producing classic black and white portraits. Using the lighting and tradition of quality introduced by our founder, Robert A. Moore in 1903, our Legacy Collection is a portrait finishing process that aims to create a classical lighting that brings full attention to the subject, and blends this beautiful tradition with contemporary sensibilities of posing and environment.

Much more than just applying a black and white filter, we adjust the luminance and density of the entire photography in each section specifically for the printing. Once we have perfected the image, we begin our printing process. 

For the Legacy Collection, we have selected a gorgeous, rich art paper from the premier paper manufacturer, Hammermuhle. Your image is printed with pigmented, archival inks for an archival rating of 100+ years. 

Finally, we then apply a lacquer spray to protect the final print from UV rays that fade the print, as well as from finger prints and abrasions. The final product is an elegant black and white portrait with a timeless quality you bring your family joy for decades…your legacy! 

The Heirloom Collection

The Heirloom Collection is our line of canvas portraits. These photographic canvas prints can be created from any of our portraits and give the portrait a beautiful, textured finish.

Our process for creating your Heirloom Collection prints is a meticulous and precise process to generate the very finest canvas print. Starting with our lighting and posing, our initial image will be a stunning portrait that will shine in its final print. To create this art piece for your home or office we use a process known as Stripped Canvas Printing. We take your printed photograph, strip off the resin backing, and then mount this stripped print to the canvas. By removing the backing, our adhesive can be sprayed directly on the fibers to soften the emulsion for maximum canvas texture. The canvas is then pressed in a specially designed press under heat and pressure to bond the canvas.

Finally, we finish the canvas prints by mounting them on a stretcher frame or on masonite board for easy framing. Over the face of the print, we spray real lacquer, not water-based coatings, for premium texture and print resilience. The final canvas you hang on your wall will be the highest quality portrait produced with artisan workmanship to delight your family for generations as a family heirloom. 


What our clients say…

Excellent in every way. He was kind, and had plenty of patience. Very professional, and did a awesome job…. I recommend him to everyone…

Jocelyn Pitts

We just had my daughter’s senior pictures for school done at the studio yesterday. The staff was very pleasant and well organized. We only signed up for the standard sitting package but were surprised at how many pictures were made. Very impressed with what I could tell watching them take the different pictures as well as options on the set ups. Then we went to the beautiful downtown and took several more outside. Thank you for starting off our senior year with good memories.

Dana Hinson

Very professional and so nice they really took time with my daughter’s pictures and let her cool off between shots. I hope to come back and have family pictures done here. Staff is awesome

Lisa Hart

I had no idea what to expect with my 18 month old’s photo shoot. The photographer was extremely patient, he allowed my son to acclimate to the environment prior to starting the shoot. He was engaging, and allowed my son to guide the shoot while capturing amazing professional photos. I am ecstatic with the finished product and will continue to use Moore Studio to capture the stages of my son’s life.

LaToya Miles

I was blown away by my photos!! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Jason was great and so easy to work with. I was comfortable the entire time! I highly recommend Moore Studio!

Jennifer Keats

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It has been our honor for four generations to serve the families of West Tennessee in their most important moments: births, during the school years, graduations, weddings, and in their careers. 

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